Girly Magic for Grownups
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Charector Profiles

There are 1001 bear pals. And countless other magic creatures in the land. Here are a few. I did not include the ones that owe me money... screw those jerks!


Mayor Bear (Elmer Santos) - Mayor of the Magic Land.

Facial Expression of Happiness Bear (Dan Conrad) - It's his job to make sure everyone smiles. He isn’t very good as his job.

Wise Old Mr. Jelly Bean- (Elmer Santos) Wise old candy sage in charge of morally guiding the Magic Bears.

Alphabet Bear- (Dan Conrad) In charge of Alphabet education and grammer.

Positive Enthusiasm Bear- Always looks on the bright side.

Nerd of Average Intelligence Bear- Despite his awkwardness, and ‘nerdiness’... he unfortunately has average intelligence.

Wizardy Magic Bear- He likes magic.

Adorable Bear- (Jeanine Marie) In charge of cuteness. Also has unfortunate political views.

April Fools Bear- Prankster of the group, but for only one day a year... people see the pranks coming.

Baked Goods Bear- In charge of baked goods.

Physical Fitness Bear- It's his job to keep all the bears in top shape.

Loose Cannon Bear- (Greg Vorob) Self appointed unappreciated detective for the magic bear police force. His troubled past haunts him.

Constable Bear- Dim-witted representative of the Magic Police.

Super Awesome Bear- Everyone loves super awesome bear, despite his grostesque apperence.

Really Unintellegent Bear- He like cupcakes.

Epic Bear- (Elmer Santos) Mighty warrior and magic bear

Imagination Bear- (Dan Conrad) Raised in the Forest of Gumdrops and Jellybeans, by the rainbow fairies in the village of the star shine. He is currently in therapy.

Braggy Bear-  Needs everyone to know how great he is. 

Usefull Idea Bear- Always thinking of stuff.

Bearbot 5000- A robot

Dirty Bear- Sexually out of control and abusive. No one likes Dirty Bear.

Wessie the Love Ness Monster (Dan Conrad) - From Loch Love. Wessie currently lived in the Enchanted lake teaching educational lessons to travelers... he is also really annoying

Dance Magic Bear- In charge of choreography for the Magic Bears.

Rabbi Plushman- A Rabbi. Show a little respect.

Hula Bear- In charge of embarrassing the Magic Bears.

Oral Hygiene Bear- In charge of Dentistry for the Magic Bears

Jean Luc Pawcard- Captain of the starship ‘Entersmiles’

Background Bear- In charge of standing in the background and filling space.

Bearock Obambear- President of the Magic Bear Kingdom.

George W. Plush- Former President of the Magic Bear Kingdom

Bear Clinton- Former, Former President